About Us

We are a group of Syrian investors with a vision and mission to develop the health services sector and upgrade it in a unique way that complies with international professional standards. In March 2015 we put forward the first endeavor in the field of health centers under the name of “Dummar Medical Center” which has 30 medical specialties and more than 75 of the elite doctors in Syria, and which is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and an advanced system of sterilization and infection control. The patients’ and visitors’ comfort is a priority for the Center; therefore, it adopts world-class systems  that meet the international regulations affording ease of movement in the Center, time efficiency, while maintaining all standards related to medical and administrative services, culminating in the Center obtaining the ISO 9001 certification. Thus, we aim to provide high-quality and professional services that meet the expectations and satisfaction of our visitors.

Our Vision

Professional pioneers providing service excellence in health care at the region

Our Mission

The best in providing integrated high-quality health services, enhancing the health of the individual and society, supported by a creative, specialized team.

Our Goals

  • Prioritizing the interest of our patients in everything we do, providing them with the highest-value medical services
  • Communicating and coordinating with the most professional doctors in Syria and abroad
  • Establishing a platform for dialogue, development, and partnership with stakeholders, to realize the best experience in the Syrian health care
  • Serving the community and establishing a credible medical service reliable for both patients and customers

Our Core values

Our values go hand in hand with our Mission and Vision, in addition to underlining the desired corporate culture:

  • Teamwork and collaboration: We collaborate, trust, share knowledge, and listen carefully to each other to achieve our potential and improve results, then we embrace the individual contributions of our team members while working together to achieve our common mission.
  • Inspiration and creativity: We inspire our community and stakeholders through our dedication, trusted approach, and professionality; therefore, we encourage ourselves continuously to think creatively and contribute positively to healthcare development and innovate ideas into reality to build healthcare awareness.
  • Justice and Equality: We are keen to build balanced relationships based on the principle of fairness and transparency in providing health services with equal value for everyone.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: We are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors, our team, and our partners by implementing all security measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information.
  • Quality: We adopt quality management systems to ensure providing health services with the highest international standards to exceed customer expectations.
  • Specialization and Integration: Integrated health services are provided by specialist doctors, directed by professional administrators, and supported by modern technologies.
  • Sustainability: We take into account the continuity and investment of all kinds of resources (environmental, human, economic)  to make people’s lives better.
  • Community partnership: We engage the community by providing health campaigns and awareness programs

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an integral part of our business and is reflected in our governance, eco-efficiency, environmental and human resources policies, stakeholder engagement and local community relations. CSR is fundamentally about our commitment to ethics, accountability, transparency and confidentiality. It involves multiple stakeholders, including the government, shareholders, employees, consumers, media, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, suppliers, NGOs, and the general public. All these stakeholders have a responsibility for social and economic development. We believe the health sector should underscore its role as a good corporate citizen with a number of activities in the fields of education, environment, community engagement, and culture and to be the leader of sustainable development.

Social Partnership

We realize that our responsibilities go far beyond our current employees, investors, and customers. We are committed to making positive social contributions at the local level. The community-based contribution programs that the Center holds are a crucial part in the Center’s attempts at taking on its social responsibility. In order to pinpoint responsibility in our organization's culture and build a stronger team, we encourage our staff to participate in supporting weighty matters and try to give priority to the underlying reasons in which our employees participate. We also support events that help and lead employees to fully engage in our community programs, as well as reward the best activities and initiatives.


The Center's management exerts every effort to reduce any harmful environmental impact of its health care activities, where the special environmental sustainability criteria excel at ensuring these objectives are met. The building is designed in compliance with the standards of infection control and fire prevention, taking into account the appropriate levels of indoor ambient noise, with appropriate levels of sound insulation between rooms to maintain privacy. Clean air rates maintain a healthy environment indoors, where smoking is prohibited in accordance with national regulations aiming to eliminate smoking negative effects.

Experienced Team

Dr. Iyad Al Sayed

Head of Dental Dept

Eng.Natalia Haj Ibrahim

General manager

Mays ِAl-Ghadban

Head of Clinics Dept

Rawan Al Yaman

Financial Manager

Hazar Salim Daoud

Head of Public relations Dept

Rouba Jabri

Human Resources Manager

Massa Al-Karmi

Head of Beauty Dept

Ammar Ksebati

Head Of Customer Care Dept

Dr. Ali Ali

Head of Radiology Dept

Dr. Hind Ibrahim

Head of Laboratory Dept

Dr. Rahaf Shamout

Head of Pharmacy Dept

Working times

Saturday to Thursdays
From 09:00AM - 09:00PM

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Center Address

Dummar Medical Center
PO Box 60070, Damascus, Syria

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A service for health and wellbeing, not just for treating illness

At DMC, we believe that the three essential drivers of "quality" are safety, effectiveness and positive patient experiences.