Men’s Health Check Card

The Men’s Health Check Card is one of the comprehensive cards designed to provide a healthy life for men of all ages. It includes:

  • Electrocardiography:

An advanced examination to check the electrical activity of the heart and various heart diseases.

  • A complete blood count (CBC):

Complete blood test to detect and diagnose blood diseases and tumors.

  • CRP:

A blood test to check inflammation in the body in general.

  • Examining kidneys functions:

By Urinalysis: A urine sample is collected and test to examine kidney function, to check the possibility of urinary tract infections, diabetes, or any other kidney disease.
Blood analysis: Examining the proportion of creatinine, carbamide, and blood free radicals that help diagnose kidney function.

  • Liver function tests:

A blood test to measure the performance of the liver and liver enzymes, Xanthemia and others.

  • Thyroid Function Tests:

A blood test to detect any thyroid disease. TSH test.

  • Diabetes test:

A blood test to measure the amount of glucose in the blood. This test is used to diagnose and monitor diabetes.

  • Fat Levels Test:

a blood sample is taken to test the percentage of blood lipids, cholesterol and Triglyceride.

  • Fecal occult blood (FOB):

checks for blood in the feces that may not be visibly apparent, to detect any possibility of gastrointestinal bleedig (ulcers, tumors). The sooner the disease is detected, the more effective the treatment is.

  • Prostate tests (PSA):

A blood test to detect prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men.

  • Calcium Test:

to ensure the sufficient levels of calcium in the body necessary for bone health and all associated functions.

  • X-ray of the chest:

to ensure the health of the chest area and its components.

  • Medical Counseling, with diagnosis and echo.

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