Increased Awareness with the “Hashtag Wardi” Workshops

January 19, 2019

Dummar Medical Center, in collaboration with the management of the Montessori School “Sawa”, held a workshop in Dummar Cultural Council with the title “Breast Care from childhood to adulthood”, under the supervision of Dr. Sana al-Abdul Rahim.

The workshop was attended by 250 students, representatives from the Syria Trust for Development, and the “Sawa” administration.

The workshop covered: breast self-examination, puberty, breast-feeding, breast care, prevention of breast cancer, medical facts and common misconception, and the optimal nutrition for maintaining health and preventing breast cancer.

During the event, a number of national and scientific figures were honored by the Sawa school administration. Donations of parents and students were also made to support the activities of the Syria Trust for Development and Human Welfare.

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