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We are a group of syrian investors with a vision and mission to develop the health services sector and upgrade it in a unique way that complies with international professional standards. In March 2015 we put forward the first endeavor in the field of health centers under the name of “Dummar Medical Center” which has 30 medical specialties and more than 75 of the elite doctors in Syria, and which is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and an advanced system of sterilization and infection control. The patients’ and visitors’ comfort is a priority for the Center; therefore, it adopts world-class systems that meet the international regulations affording ease of movement in the Center, time efficiency, while maintaining all standards related to medical and administrative services, culminating in the Center obtaining the ISO 9001 certification. Thus, we aim to provide high-quality and professional services that meet the expectations and satisfaction of our visitors.

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At DMC, we believe that the three essential drivers of "quality" are safety, effectiveness and positive patient experiences.