Child Care Program

Due to our belief that childhood is the first building block in the formation of societies, we launched the Child Care Program to offer a series of annual activities. These activities relate to various aspects of physical, mental, social and psychological health. The two target groups are:

A- the mothers, as they are indispensible for the health and development of their children,

B- the children themselves, who are the essence of the program

Program Goals:

  • Maintaining and upgrading the children’s health to ensure their development and growth in all aspects of life
  • Providing assistance and family rehabilitation for the parents in terms of children upbringing and communication
  • Providing comprehensive medical services, including emergency cases
  • Supporting the children’s mental health, through training courses and workshops for the teaching staff including special and individual children cases and ways to deal with them
  • An integrated hearing test for children at the beginning of the school year

Working times

Saturday to Thursdays
From 09:00AM - 09:00PM

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Center Address

Dummar Medical Center
PO Box 60070, Damascus, Syria

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